Right now your dog is tearing your arm from its socket every time you go for a walk and you are worried one day you will finally be pulled to the ground.

Your dog is jumping all over your guests as soon as they enter your home making your friends and family no longer want to visit and you're frustrated.

You are just so sick of yelling at your dog and he continues to ignore you and not listen to a word that you say.

Currently, you are feeling like it is hopeless. You wanted a dog to love, to enjoy adventures together, to add more fun to your family. Now you are questioning your decision thinking how much easier life was before.

Good news! You have found the right place!

Now, imagine if your dog would walk nicely by your side while ignoring the people, dogs, and other things around you.

How great would it feel if, when your guests came over, your dog went to a designated spot and waited to be told she could go say hi in an appropriate way?

How much stress would be relieved from your life if your dog listened to commands the first time you asked without having to raise your voice?

You're not alone. We hear these things from everybody! This is what we do! We perform our magic and you get to enjoy having a dog, the way you dreamed it would be. Congratulations! This is your new reality!

Schedule a call and tell us how we can ease your stress and frustration.