About us

Adria started training dogs professionally in 2009. Through the years, she has trained with many different trainers in an effort to learn as many different techniques as possible. She believes that, much like humans, dogs learn differently from one another and she needs to be able to adapt her methods to help the dogs and owners receive the best possible training.


Adria owns 4 dogs of her own, Loki, Skylla, and Fayte are all Belgian Malinois and Tosh is her Border Collie. All her dogs have training in personal protection and sport dog protection. Tosh is the 2nd Border Collie ever to receive his PSA (Protection Sport Association) PDC title. Loki and Tosh also both hold several NADAC Agility titles. She hopes to soon have Fayte competing at high levels in the agility ring. One of Adria’s favorite accomplishments was having Tosh featured in a Pedigree commercial showcasing many of the tricks he knows.


In addition to Adria’s training accomplishments, she obtained her veterinary assistant certification in 2010. In 2019, she also earned her Pet CPR and Pet First Aid Certification.


Adria is excitedly awaiting the opportunity to help you have the dog of your dreams!