Above & Beyond

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking how great the other programs sound but you long to be able to let your dog run off leash.

You want to take you dog hiking, camping, swimming, and know that your dog will listen to your every command.

Do you want to ditch the leash in your house and in your yard never needing to worry that your dog will disobey a command?

We created this program just for you!

This program starts with each of the fore mentioned programs. Your dog is with us for 5 days for our Love You Walks program. After a private lesson, you take your pup home for 2 weeks. Then your dog comes back for our Zen Zone program for 5 days. After your lesson, you again, go home for 2 weeks of practice time. Then he/she returns for our Magical Return program. After completing the lesson and spending 2 weeks at home practicing, your pup returns for 2 weeks for our off leash training. We won't let you miss your pup too much. During those 2 weeks, your dog comes home with you following a lesson so you can practice over the weekend.


How great does this all sound?!

Want to know what's included?

  • You get 5 private lessons to have a fully off leash trained dog

  • A lifetime guarantee (meaning you can contact us for a free 1 hour lesson for the lifetime of the dog)

  • Access to our complete online video trainings (new trainings will continually be added),

  • 1 free refresher day train per month 

  • Access to a Facebook training community to ask questions and receive free future trainings.

  • The ability to request boarding for your pup in the future with free refresher training while you are gone

  • Invitations to future group trainings

  • Training collars, long leash, and a Place. ($300 value)