The Total Package

Do you want a well-mannered dog for walks, a dog that comes every time you call? A dog that sits and downs when asked. A dog that goes to a designated spot while your guests enter your home? Do you want a dog that no longer begs?

Do you daydream about having a dog that no longer stresses you out but one that adds happiness and fun to your life?

This program will give you all of that and more!

This program is broken down into 3 sleep away stays. Each lasts just 5 days. On the 5th day you come back for a lesson to learn to work on your dog's new skills. You keep your pup home for at least 2 weeks to practice before coming back for the next part of the program.

What's Included?

  • 3 private lessons

  • online video trainings

  • access to a Facebook training community to ask questions and receive free future trainings

  • The ability to request boarding for your pup in the future

  • Invitations to future group trainings

  • A training collar, long leash, and a Place