Training Programs

The Total Package

Feeling like all is lost and your dog is doomed to stress you out the rest of his life? Wish you had the perfect family dog, the dog that can go on outings with you. A dog that doesn't have to be locked away when family and friends come over. A dog that minds his/her manners. A dog that you don't always feel like you are fighting with.

Do you want you dog to behave on leash, come when called, listen when you give a command, and relax? Do you want to feel confident that you can control your dog in any situation?

This program gives you the benefits of our 3 A La Carte programs, Love Your Walks, Zen Zone, and Magical Return. Choosing this program means you also receive additional benefits too!

Above & Beyond

You love your dog but you just can't stand his behavior.

You want to go on more adventures with your dog but he causes so much stress that you decide to just go alone.

You want to go camping and hiking with your dog but you fear that neither of you will be able to enjoy the trip tethered to a leash and that your dog will be an embarrassment because of his behavior.

This program is your answer! Not only does this program include everything you read above, but you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having your dog do it all OFF LEASH!


A La Carte Options

Love Your Walks

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk because you imagine your neighbors all judging the lack of control you have?

When you stop, does your dog drag you to the nearest smell he can find?

Do you wish your dog would just walk nicely so you can enjoy your walk?

If you dream of your dog walking nicely by your side, sitting when you stop, and ignoring all the dogs an people around you, you found the right place!

Zen Zone

Does your house feel like mass chaos?

Do your guests dread coming over because your dog jumps all over them?

Are you embarrassed because your dog doesn't stay when you ask?

Is it so frustrating that your dog just can't settle down?

How much stress would be relieved from your life if your dog could settle down and relax? If your dog sat and downed when you asked and stayed?

Good news! We can help!

Magical Return

Do you call your dog and he pretends like you don't exist?

Are the smells on the ground more interesting to your dog than you are?

If the door is open, does your dog fly down the street ignoring you as you chase him?

Now, imagine if your dog came back every time you called. How much stress would be removed from your life if you didn't have to worry about losing your dog just because the door opened? 

If any of this sounds like you, you found the answer to your prayers.